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We are Dedicated To Powering Our Community

With the passing of the Energy Competition Act, 1998, in order to continue to generate and distribute electricity after November 7, 2000 all utilities including the Orillia Water, Light and Power Commission must be incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporation Act. In keeping with this new legislation, on November 1, 2000, OWLP was transformed into three affiliated companies registered under the Ontario Business Corporations Act – Orillia Power Corporation as the holding company and its affiliates – Orillia Power Distribution Corporation and Orillia Power Generation Corporation.

Orillia Power Corporation, as the holding company is governed by a Council-appointed Board of Directors. Orillia Power Distribution Corporation is governed by a 3-member board.

Orillia Power Distribution Corporation

Board of Directors

Greg Gee – Chair
Tom Hussey – Vice Chair
Bob Ripley – Director


Grant Hipgrave –  President & CEO
Pat Hurley – Chief Financial Officer