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Changes to Industrial and Commercial Electricity Costs Effective January 1, 2021

December 29, 2020

Ontario deferred a portion of Global Adjustment (GA) between April and June 2020 by limiting the Class B GA rate to $115.00 per MWh for non-Regulated Price Plan (RPP) customers and providing proportionate reductions for Class A customers.  The deferred costs will be recovered over a 12-month period beginning in January 2021.  At the same time, Ontario is reducing the cost of electricity for industrial and commercial customers by shifting a portion of non-hydro renewable energy contract costs to the tax base. These reductions are considerably larger than the deferral repayment costs, and the intent is for this funding to continue after the deferral recovery is complete. The result will be a significant net benefit to these customers.  Actual savings will depend on location and consumption. RPP customers, including residential, small business and farm customers, will not be affected by the recovery of deferred GA costs.