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Health Support Systems

Persons on Health/Life Support Systems Within the Home

While Orillia Power does make every effort to restore power as quickly as possible to its customers in the event of an outage, Orillia Power cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity. There is always the potential for unplanned interruptions, where outages are beyond our control, such as extreme weather, vehicle accidents or equipment failure. If the outage is caused by the supply to Orillia Power by Hydro One, then we must rely on Hydro One to restore the power.

Orillia Power presently retains a register of customers (who have identified themselves) serviced by Orillia Power who are on health/life support systems such as an oxygen concentrator, ventilator or kidney dialysis machine within their homes.

While Orillia Power will endeavor to notify you of any planned power outages, this cannot be guaranteed.

As Orillia Power cannot supply portable generators to its customers on health support equipment, we strongly recommend that the customer or his/her caregiver have available, an alternate means of power. In the event of a widespread or an extended outage and if medical conditions warrant, the customer should make arrangements to go to the emergency department of their local hospital or determine if their situation is critical enough to call for an ambulance.

Emergency Preparedness

All customers are encouraged to have backup plans to prepare for unexpected power outages.

  • Keep emergency response numbers in a convenient location (911 – hospital, police, fire)
  • A life support customer should undertake to have an alternative source of power nearby, such as a battery backup system or a generator. Note: customers are responsible for the safe installation, use and maintenance of a generator. Orillia Power highly recommends that you contact the Electrical Safety Authority for further information on portable generators and to arrange for an inspection of the installation.
  • If your equipment has battery backup, make sure that the battery is charged and tested regularly.
  • Don’t be caught off guard keep a packed bag of emergency supplies, including medical supplies, flashlights and candles on hand. It’s easier to locate one bag in the dark than searching for each item.