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Tree Maintenance

ORILLIA POWER DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION (OPDC) recognizes the value of trees in the urban environment. One of the many qualities that make Orillia an ideal location to live, play and work is its urban forest. Trees modify climate extremes, purify the air, provide screening and retain moisture. OPDC is very aware of the importance Orillias citizens (our customers) place on trees.

However, trees can also interfere with the safe and secure operation of OPDCs electrical system. They cause disruptions to service by contacting the conductors, and they impede the efforts by OPDC staff to locate, inspect, maintain and repair disruptions to electric service. In addition, forest type trees growing in the vicinity of electrical wires increase the risk of injury to the public and OPDC employees.

To ensure a safe, reliable supply of power to its customers and to meet the legal requirements as set out in O.Reg 22/04, OPDC must manage the small portion of Orillias urban forest that is in the vicinity of its power lines. OPDC has implemented tree policies that allow it to carry out its mandate as well as contribute to the long term sustainability of Orillias urban forest.

OPDC Forestry Policies

Tree Clearing Policy

OPDC periodically clears trees away from its overhead power lines to reduce the frequency and duration of interruptions to electrical service to its customers and to create safer working conditions for its staff. The line clearing program also reduces the risk of public injury. This work is carried out to state of the art arboricultural standards by trained internal staff or qualified contractors.

Tree Replacement Policy

OPDC contributes to the sustainability of the urban forest by replacing certain trees that are removed from under or adjacent to their electrical facilities. These replacement trees are planted away from the power lines, or are of the type that will not ever grow into them.

Compatible Trees and Shrubs

For a list of compatible trees and shrubs that may be planted in the vicinity (within 6 meters or 20 feet) of overhead power lines, view our Replacement Trees document.