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Time Of Use Rates

February 4, 2020

The Ontario Government has introduced the new Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) effective November 1, 2019.  The OER is set at 31.8% and replaces the previous 8% rebate and Regulated Price Plan (RPP) rate reduction, as well as the Global Adjustment Modifier previously provided to eligible consumers not participating in RPP.  RPP prices are increasing November 1, 2019 to reflect the true cost of electricity and the Electricity line on bills will rise accordingly. The OER will compensate for that rise and the average residential bill increase will be in line with the rate of inflation. For example, the total bill for a typical residential customer who uses 700 kWh per month will increase by about $1.99 or 1.8%. The OER will appear on bills labelled “Ontario Electricity Rebate”.  Consumers that were previously eligible for the 8% rebate will be eligible for the OER including low-volume consumers such as households and small businesses, as well as farms and certain long-term care homes. Larger multi-unit complexes that are primarily residential, where at least 50% of the units are “qualifying units” as defined, such as apartment buildings and condominiums will be eligible subject to new notice requirements. Consumers that were receiving the 8% rebate on October 22, 2019 but are not eligible for the OER will receive the OER until October 31, 2020 if they meet the new notice requirements before February 1, 2020. If not met, their OER will cease on January 31, 2020. A Notice Form will be mailed to all affected customers.